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God's Empowering Presence: The Spirit Transforms

If we are to become like Jesus, we will need to change. While there are aspects of the change process that we can and must engage ourselves, the real work of transformation is done by the Holy Spirit. We are called to live out that which is already true of us in Christ—engaging the Word, the community and the practices of Jesus—so that we might become mature in Him.

The Gospel of the Kingdom: A New Family

One of the clearest teachings of Jesus and practices of the early church was the community of believers as family. However, within our cultural context, these are difficult words to live out. Jesus' call is not for a rejection of our family, but instead for a re-envisioning of what family is and how we engage one another in the Kingdom.

Eating and Drinking: Grace and Truth

Jesus modeled the perfect balance of grace and truth—He was accepting of everyone without approving of everything. We often find ourselves pulled between the extremes of isolationism and intolerance or universalism and approval, but the Kingdom of God should be a place where people can find acceptance while being challenged to live differently in light of the grace of Jesus.

Eating and Drinking: Expanding our Tables

The natural outflow of grace is a fundamental reorientation of the world around us. We have been united at the cross, and the reconciliation that we've received from Jesus should create reconciliation in every area of our lives. In a world that is increasingly polarized, the call of the believer is to expand our tables to include those who look, think and act differently than we do. This is the Kingdom.

The Gospel of the Kingdom: A New Kingdom Vision

The Kingdom of God only comes with violence. Adding Jesus into the flow of our lives, even as our top priority, is not an option that has been left open to us. When we engage the real Jesus, our lives will never be the same. He impacts the way that we see the church, the way that we engage the world, and the way we live our lives.

The Gospel of the Kingdom: The Twelve

In the sending of the Twelve, Jesus shows us how we are to engage the world around us. He gives us authority and commands us to give generously and freely, to have no fear even in persecution, and to steadily pursue an eternal reward. Being sent by Jesus impacts every area of our lives.