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Salvation Present

The hope we are given as believers in Jesus is an inheritance that will never fade away. This restoration of right relationship with God is the culmination of the longings of the prophets and the direction of the law, the pinnacle of the hopes of heaven. It's not just a past event or a future hope, but a present reality that is available to us only by faith.

Elect Exiles

Strength to live as exiles in a foreign land doesn't come from self-esteem, good parenting or a well-organized life. Peter reminds a scattered and persecuted church that strength for living will only come through an understanding of God's work in our lives, the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in us, and the holiness that comes through the sacrifice of Jesus alone.

In Our Mission

The ascension of Jesus is not the end of the story. In fact, Jesus’ promise is that His presence, so evidently experienced by the disciples throughout His earthly life, would never depart from His faithful followers. As we go into the New Year, we can be assured of one thing: Jesus will never leave us!

In Our Suffering

Lives of obedience to Jesus are full of righteous suffering that is often unjust and horrific. If we endure it with patience, we have opportunity to meet Jesus in powerful ways. By standing against the tide of culture, we may face dire consequences—but Jesus meets us in the midst of the suffering and, consequently, we experience His resurrection more fully.

In Our Crisis

In our darkest times, the presence of Jesus reminds us that there is still hope. However, in order to hear Him, we often need to discern His voice in the midst of the noise and chaos of the world around us. While we long for God to appear in the grandiose and fantastic, He most often shows up in the quiet and still. We must make room if we're to hear Him.

In Bondage and Slavery

The promise of Eden, so rich in Genesis 2, gives way to the bondage to sin in Genesis 3. In the same way, the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, typified in the character of Joseph, gave way to brutal slavery in Egypt. However, God does not leave His people in slavery—He hears them, has compassion on them, and moves among them for their deliverance.