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Jesus, who was crucified, is risen! This incredible declaration has become one of the most divisive statements made over the last 2,000 years. Peter reminds us that Jesus Himself is the Cornerstone of our faith, but He is also a stumbling stone to many. When we embrace Him, we are made into living stones and built into the living church!

A New Way of Life

The suffering of Jesus is a reminder that we too will suffer when we stand for righteousness and truth. While the degree and severity of that suffering will vary, the unified promise of Scripture is that we will indeed experience suffering in this world. We are called to remain steadfast in doing good while trusting in the hope that a new day is coming.

Righteous Suffering

There is little doubt or disagreement that the world is broken. Our response to that brokenness is what sets followers of Jesus apart from the rest of the world. Responding to suffering and pain with righteousness and hope speaks a loud testimony of the grace of Jesus. live!

Armed with a living hope, we are called to enter into new life. The futility of our former life has been replaced by new desires and new appetites. Holiness, however, is not a foregone conclusion in this life. We are called to enter into the process with grace-driven effort, striving toward the hope that we've been given by grace through faith in Jesus.

Salvation Present

The hope we are given as believers in Jesus is an inheritance that will never fade away. This restoration of right relationship with God is the culmination of the longings of the prophets and the direction of the law, the pinnacle of the hopes of heaven. It's not just a past event or a future hope, but a present reality that is available to us only by faith.

Real Hope for the World

Why does it seem like our world has gone crazy mad? People have lost hope. We have lost hope in the system, in each other, and in God. Hope is what the world needs—more than the next activist group, more than the next well for access to clean water, more than the next plow to produce more food, and more than the next program to lend a hand. What we need more than ever is the true hope that is in Jesus.