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What do Christians Have in Common?

Many people feel uncomfortable around others who are different from them and tend to gravitate toward those who are similar. However, when we allow our differences to separate us from our fellow believers, we are disregarding clear biblical teaching.  As we will see in today’s text, the Bible makes it clear that we have some major commonalities.  In fact, the Bible goes as far as to say we are one in Christ.

Handling Conflict in the Body

Conflict is something that most people tend to avoid. However, conflict is a fact of life. Many have made the point that conflict, even within the Church, is a sign of life; evidence of the fact that people really care. Avoiding confrontation is often a recipe for even greater conflict and pain. Therefore, the important question we need to ask is: how do we manage conflict appropriately within the fellowship of the church.

A Marriage Mystery

The difficulty of the marriage relationship has its root in Genesis 3. A desire to dominate and control, or a proclivity to be dominated or controlled, is deep within each of us due to sin. God's plan is dramatically different: a mutual submission to one another that weaves our lives together and parallels the beauty of Jesus' love for the church. The marriage relationship has a unique opportunity to display Jesus to the world.