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Holy Work

A theology of work is vital for an integrated life. Most of us spend a majority of time doing activity that is not directly "Christian" but, as Christ-followers, all of our work is sanctified by Him. When we see all aspects of our lives as reflections of His purpose and plan, there's no longer any time for boredom.

Praying and Planning

Prayer is the first work” is more than a final sentence in our vision statement or a nice sentiment for us to express. Rather, prayer should infuse our worship, our planning and our interactions with others. For Nehemiah, prayer was the first work, but it wasn't the only work.

How Change Starts

The level of brokenness in the world around us tempts us to harden our hearts and only focus on our own lives. However, the call of God is to listen to the news with both our ears and our hearts. We are not called to take action on everything but, if we don't ever do anything, we miss the heart of God for the world around us.