Abide: Invitation into the Kingdom

The message of Jesus is not an abolition of the law, but rather, an invitation into the perfect law of the Kingdom of God. The way of Jesus doesn't save us, but His way is the fullness of life that comes to our life after salvation. The apple tree can only produce apples, and the life of Jesus can only come from the light of Jesus within us. 

SermonJonas Wharton
The Prize of Partnership: Applying the Gospel

Grace should drive us to holiness. Too often, we view grace as a license for sin instead of an incentive for holy living. Jesus' invitation isn't simply to a life that is cleansed but to a life that is redeemed and given purpose. We are invited into the restoration plan of Jesus for all of creation, and that begins as we engage in one another's lives.

The prize of partnership: The Foundation of Partnership - part 2

We never qualify for the grace of Jesus based on our work, nor do our works disqualify us. However, both the evidence and the trajectory of our lives are clear indicators of the foundation on which our lives are built. We live in a broken world, but through Christ, we have the opportunity to see that world through the lens of redemption.

Make the Connection

Being connected to one another isn't simply a nice way to live or a built-in support structure in case of difficulty. Connection to the faith community is one of the key aspects of our spiritual formation journey. We are always being formed—intentionally or unintentionally. Connection takes many forms, but is a vital aspect of the transformation process.

Affirming Identity

Temptation is rarely about the sin itself, but rather, about the heart that is ready to engage that sin. Jesus, after having His identity affirmed by the Father, has that identity challenged. Through the temptations to be relevant, popular, and powerful, Jesus affirms that He is indeed who God says that He is.

Heart of the Desert: Learning to Hear

It's only when we are emptied of ourselves that we can be filled with the Spirit of God. As long as we have the option of trusting in our own strength, most of us will. While we long for God to meet us in the dramatic and the miraculous, the majority of the Christian life is lived in the midst of the ordinary.