God's Purpose With a Human Plan?

In one of his biggest hits, Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way.” When we stop and listen to the lyrics of this song, we can’t help but realize that the message being conveyed is very self-centered and not godly at all. Why then do we often find ourselves singing along with Frank as we try to accomplish God’s will or purpose for our lives?

Invisible Prisons

How often do we find ourselves chasing after things that do not bring life? Jesus taught that life was found in him alone. And yet, we often return to old patterns of life. It’s even possible for our acts of Christian devotion to lead us away from God if they become the object of our affections instead of a means of experiencing God. Paul’s words are both a strong warning and a tender plea to pursue only Christ.

What do Christians Have in Common?

Many people feel uncomfortable around others who are different from them and tend to gravitate toward those who are similar. However, when we allow our differences to separate us from our fellow believers, we are disregarding clear biblical teaching.  As we will see in today’s text, the Bible makes it clear that we have some major commonalities.  In fact, the Bible goes as far as to say we are one in Christ.

Sons and Daughters of Abraham

Paul shares the incredible reality that those who put their faith in Jesus can become Abraham's offspring.  Abraham is a profound example of a man of faith as he believed what God said and therefore acted upon that belief.  Through the complete work of Jesus, we can be grafted into the family of God, a family which is not based on lineage, background, or works, but rather on Jesus' righteousness.

Handling Conflict in the Body

Conflict is something that most people tend to avoid. However, conflict is a fact of life. Many have made the point that conflict, even within the Church, is a sign of life; evidence of the fact that people really care. Avoiding confrontation is often a recipe for even greater conflict and pain. Therefore, the important question we need to ask is: how do we manage conflict appropriately within the fellowship of the church.

The Preservation of the Gospel

Outside factors and circumstances always have the potential to gradually shift our focus toward seemingly good things but away from what is truly the best for us. Having a community of believers around us is vital in keeping the Gospel central. Although backgrounds, cultures and spheres of influence greatly differ among believers, the message and the mission of Jesus Christ never changes.

Jacob Shuey
What's the Difference?

All around us, different people offer messages of hope or paths to truth. Each has their unique spin on how one must believe or what one must do to please God or to find inner peace. However, the Gospel of Jesus alone holds the power to give us the “transformed” life that we all so desperately need.

Jonas Wharton
Faith and Works

In Paul’s letter to the Galatians, he addresses several issues within the church. However, his central admonition remains true for us today: do not stray from the gospel of grace. Faith in Jesus (and nothing else) is what brings about the transformation that leads to the Spirit producing good fruit in our lives.

Chris Horsman
A Word to the Church

Peter's word to the scattered and persecuted church in exile is a powerful word to the church today: be humble, be alert, and stand firm. We are called to live in the temporal world with an eye fixed firmly on the eternal. Our hope is found in the power and authority of Jesus alone.

Word to Elders

One of the greatest gifts to the local body of Christ is a group of godly Elders. Elders are called to care for the body, lead the organization of the church, and humbly and eagerly serve. However, the most important role they have is to be an example to the flock. Elders, deeply aware of imperfection and sin, say with the Apostle Paul: "Follow me as I follow Christ."


Jesus, who was crucified, is risen! This incredible declaration has become one of the most divisive statements made over the last 2,000 years. Peter reminds us that Jesus Himself is the Cornerstone of our faith, but He is also a stumbling stone to many. When we embrace Him, we are made into living stones and built into the living church!

A New Way of Life

The suffering of Jesus is a reminder that we too will suffer when we stand for righteousness and truth. While the degree and severity of that suffering will vary, the unified promise of Scripture is that we will indeed experience suffering in this world. We are called to remain steadfast in doing good while trusting in the hope that a new day is coming.

Righteous Suffering

There is little doubt or disagreement that the world is broken. Our response to that brokenness is what sets followers of Jesus apart from the rest of the world. Responding to suffering and pain with righteousness and hope speaks a loud testimony of the grace of Jesus.

A Marriage Mystery

The difficulty of the marriage relationship has its root in Genesis 3. A desire to dominate and control, or a proclivity to be dominated or controlled, is deep within each of us due to sin. God's plan is dramatically different: a mutual submission to one another that weaves our lives together and parallels the beauty of Jesus' love for the church. The marriage relationship has a unique opportunity to display Jesus to the world.

Freely Submit

The freedom that we are given through Christ is complete and all-encompassing. When we use that freedom to submit to the authorities over us, even when they are unjust, it is a powerful testimony to a watching world. Understanding who we are in Christ and our imperishable inheritance in Him gives us the grace to image Jesus by humbly serving those around us.

A Living Temple

God commanded the construction of both the tabernacle and the temple with great detail and beauty because it was the place where He would meet with His people. Now, through the grace of Jesus, God is building a new temple—this time with His people! The church is intended to be the living temple in which the world is able to meet with God, and we are a kingdom of priests helping others connect with Him.