Affirming Identity

Temptation is rarely about the sin itself, but rather, about the heart that is ready to engage that sin. Jesus, after having His identity affirmed by the Father, has that identity challenged. Through the temptations to be relevant, popular, and powerful, Jesus affirms that He is indeed who God says that He is.

Heart of the Desert: Learning to Hear

It's only when we are emptied of ourselves that we can be filled with the Spirit of God. As long as we have the option of trusting in our own strength, most of us will. While we long for God to meet us in the dramatic and the miraculous, the majority of the Christian life is lived in the midst of the ordinary.

Heart of the Desert: Desert Shaping

There are times in our lives when we feel like we're completely lost. Sometimes it can even seem like God Himself is lost. However, there are times that He leads us the long way around on purpose because His detours are always formational. As we journey in the desert, God is shaping us into His people and is preparing us for the portions of the journey that still lie ahead.

Heart of the Desert: The Call

During the times that God calls us into the desert, we discover that these journeys have several commonalities: God is the Author of them, we don't know the destination ahead of time, and part of the goal is our blessing and the subsequent blessing of the world. The journey into the desert is a call to trust Him.

Brian Kannel
Sent Like Jesus

All followers of Jesus are sent into the world just as the Father sent Jesus into the world. The story that they are living out is characterized by joy because the resurrection of Jesus has assured them of eternal life available for all who will surrender to Jesus. They also rejoice because the Holy Spirit empowers them to accomplish the mission no matter the difficulties or complications they will encounter.

Eternal Things: Practice

The deep desire in the heart of God is to see men and women reconciled to Him. We have been invited into His plan as the vehicles through which the message of Jesus is spoken, both through our words and our lives. 

Chris Horsman
Songs of Advent: Mary's Song - Mercy

Mary "sings" the praise of our God, who is both merciful and mighty. In her song, we find a framework to understand the work of God, observe the power of God, and receive the grace of God. It is only in that receiving that we can truly offer grace to others.

Chris Horsman
Songs of Advent: Elizabeth's Song - Joy

Elizabeth's song, like each of the poems recorded by Luke prior to the birth of Jesus, is full of joy and hope. The fulfilled promise of the Messiah gives us joy in the present and hope for the future.

Chris Horsman