The Message of the Kingdom: Everyone is Welcome

Jesus begins His manifesto by making a bold statement. Far from listing the status to which we should aspire, Jesus is giving us a list of the least preferable conditions of life in order to deliver this stunning message: Regardless of background or station in life, no one is excluded. Just as there's nothing we can do to earn our place in His Kingdom, Jesus assures us that we won't be disqualified either—all are welcomed.

The Gospel of the Kingdom: Disciples and Crowds

The call of Jesus to follow Him is not simply a call to a set of teachings or moral principles. It was, and is, a call to turn from anything that stands in the way and to follow Him into a revolutionary movement. It is this understanding that separates His apprentices from the crowds and that propels us to understand what He is teaching us.

SermonBrian Kannel
The Gospel of the Kingdom: Identity and Calling

Baptism is a fitting response to repentance. It declares who we really are as apprentices of Jesus. So often our identity and worth come from what we've accomplished or how successful we are. However, Jesus shows us how to live out of the already overflowing pleasure of God.

SermonBrian Kannel
How to Become a Passionate Follower of Jesus

Have you ever taken a look at your walk with Jesus and wanted more? You believe in Jesus, you love Jesus, you even love being with His body, the church... but isn’t there more? You know that you have made the decision to follow Him... but you want to learn to follow Him even more closely. You want to become a passionate follower of Jesus!

SermonJonas Wharton
The Gospel of the Kingdom: Sovereignty and Suffering

: The escape of Jesus' family to Egypt is a brutal reminder of the presence of suffering and injustice in our world, and the return to the Jordan River is a reminder of the sovereignty of God in the midst of that suffering. The path between the two, both in Jesus' day and in ours, is repentance. Injustice and suffering will not remain forever. Jesus has come to point us toward the hope of the Kingdom.

Awaken to Kingdom Reality

How is God calling us to remain engaged in His Kingdom work? Due to the content of this sermon the podcast will not be posted for public access. You can contact the church office to obtain a CD copy of the message.

SermonBrian Kannel
The Way: Removing Hurry

Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life. However, when people ask how we've been, most of us quickly respond with "Busy!" Our lives are packed full, which hasn't left room for the Spirit of God to work in us. Sabbath is both a command and a discipline where we engage the beauty of Jesus while humbly admitting our limits.

The Way: Dying to Self

It's hard to fathom self-denial in an age of self-fulfillment. Even our approach to church is often consumeristic, and the way we engage the rest of the world around us is even more so. However, self-denial is the consistent call of Jesus and is vital to us becoming more like Him.

Vision 2019: Reading and Fasting

Like Jesus Himself, we grow and develop both physically and spiritually in the revelation of God through the Bible and spending intentional time with Him. Immersive Bible reading and fasting with prayer are two practices from the life of Jesus that can guide us as a body to grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man… just like Jesus.

Let It Be So in Me

In God’s desire to have a relationship with us, He calls the whole church to know Him better. Here at York Alliance, we bring encouragement to our pastors and Elders as we become intimate and passionate followers of Jesus through the practical outworking of our relationship with God.

SermonMultiple Presenters
The Gospel of the Kingdom: A Virgin Conceives

The story of Jesus' birth meant far more than a miraculous baby conceived in the womb of a teenage girl. The language of Matthew makes it quickly apparent that the birth of Jesus was a breakthrough within human history and a divine solution to the central problem of humanity. Every aspect of Matthew's telling is there to remind us that we are in need of rescue and that a Rescuer has come.


Learning the discipline of gratitude is not only an act of worship, but it is formative in our spiritual lives. When we fail to practice gratitude, we develop undue attachments and chase after desires that are never fulfilled. However, when we practice gratitude, we are able to say that we are content in all circumstances because we recognize the blessing and grace of Jesus in our lives.